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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

About The Alphabet in Genesis
Meru Foundation Research in Book form - Three Volume Set
Updated and expanded version of our hand-assembled
Meru Research Sampler in three bound softcover volumes.

Vol. 1 – Graphic Essays 58 pages of full-color reproductions of Meru teaching posters, plus the meditation mandala, The Genesis Gate.
ISBN 978-0-9793086-0-4 
(List: $39.95) Intro. Price: $32.95

Vol. 2 – Illustrated essays in three sections: Published Work, Essential Findings, and The Pardes Cycle. 
186 pp. ISBN 978-0-9793086-1-1
(List: $39.95) Intro. Price: $32.95

Vol. 3 – Essays and articles in five sections: Spiral Metaphors; Learning, Literalism, & The Scholarly Approach; Interviews and Articles; Prof. Jay Kappraff's Introduction to Meru Research; and Supplementary Essays. 220 pp. ISBN 97800-9793086-2-8
(List: $39.95) Intro. Price: $32.95

3 Volume Special Price: $85

The Alphabet in Genesis Research Sampler in 3 Volumes

Volume I, Graphic Essays, is in full-color.
Other volumes are printed in greyscale.
These three volumes have the same content as the introductory 7-volume version offered last year.
(still available -- see below)
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Table of Contents by Section
The Alphabet in Genesis
From Jerusalem to Sharon: Ten Years of Meru Research.

©2006 Stan Tenen / Meru Foundation

From the Preface by Stan Tenen:

The Alphabet in Genesis is more an extended journal of essays, graphics, references, and insights than an organized book. There is no story, yet the story of this research is written between the lines on every page. You will get a sense of the development of these ideas by noting the first publication date on each essay. This is the first bound edition of Meru essays that we have made available. . .

After ten years of work with no results (from 1968 to 1978), and almost twenty years of work breaking new ground while looking for past precedent to confirm my findings, finally, in 2006 Jewish scholars that I’ve been working with have found discussions in traditional literature that match, confirm, and extend my findings. We now know that people in the 12th century knew that the [Hebrew] letters came from hand-gestures, based on the same model that it took me thirty years to recover, working only from first principles and the letter-text of the Hebrew Bible. . . [This] is an essential part of the Western traditions that has been lost over the centuries. It is now our responsibility to present these findings for the benefit of as wide a range of scientists, students, scholars, peoples, and traditions as possible. . .

What’s important is that people have the opportunity to see for themselves that these ideas are real, they’re simple, they’re understandable, they’re not limited to one group or another, and they are accessible by people of all talents who learn to act with integrity, care for others, and humbly and patiently wait for the good they’ve sown to bear fruit. (Integrity, caring, and humility/patience are the three phases of the manifesting principle, which I write about in The Three Abrahamic Covenants and the Car-Passing Trick, included in Volume II of this series.) . . .

The good news is that what we’ve found tells us that life is not a zero-sum game, and that in fact it is possible for you to win, for me to win, and for everyone else to win – all at the same time, without compromise and without rivalry. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not rivals. They are separate essential organs in the Abrahamic body politic, which is part of the planetary body politic. . . The physics of quantum mechanics teaches us that the mechanistic view that there is not enough to go around and that competition is best, isn’t the most realistic. In fact, our lives are entangled, and the best choice for living our life is to live by the golden rule. I will be writing about this increasingly in the future. The golden rule is central to what our scholars call a “theory of mind”, and in the teachings of all of the great faiths. . .

- Read Stan Tenen's complete Preface here

View the entire
Table of Contents by Section

Alphabet in Genesis
3 Volume Set - Special Price $85

The Alphabet in Genesis Research Sampler in 3 Volumes


Alphabet in Genesis 7 Volume set:
This is the same publication as the Alphabet in Genesis 3 Volume Set, but bound with fewer pages each volume.
Alphabet in Genesis
7 Volume Set - Special Price $113.95

The Alphabet in Genesis Research Sampler in 3 Volumes


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