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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

Released by NOVA Publishing in July 2010

Editor: Richard L. Amoroso (Noetic Advanced Studies Inst., Oakland, CA, USA)

Book Description:
The noetic model is the first theory of any kind to explain qualia in physical terms. The formal delineation of the life principle or élan vital explains not only the origin of self-organization in living systems, providing the basis for the first comprehensive dualist theory, but also is what makes the model empirically testable allowing this volume to make history. The floodgates are about to open to almost unimaginable advances in the field of consciousness studies. This new book introduces a comprehensive empirically testable model of dualism-interactionism to legitimize the interactionist model at a level tantamount to any other avenue of epistemological investigation.

Table of Contents:    
Part I. Neurophysiology and Quantum Physics of Consciousness  
Chapter  1. An instantiation of Eccles Brain/Mind Dualism and Beyond         (Karl H. Pribram)
Chapter  2. Dreams, Soul and Self Awareness: A Quantum Physical Point of View (Fred A. Wolf)
Chapter  3. Quantum Mechanics and the Effect of Intentional Will (E. A. Rauscher)
Chapter  4. The Quest for Consciousness: A Quantum Neurobiological Approach (Henry P. Stapp)
Part II. Philosophy of Mind / Theological Insights  
Chapter  6. What Does the Mind Do that the Brain Doesn't?    (Jean E. Burns)
Chapter  7. Holoinformational Consciousness: An Extension of Interactive Dualism   (Francisco Di Biase)
Chapter  8. Sources of Mind-Body Complementarity (Mihai Draganescu)
Chapter  9. An Endogenous Light Nexus Theory of Consciousness (Karl Simanonok)
Chapter 10. Consciousness - Holomatrix - Quantized Dimensional Mechanics (István Dienes)
Chapter 11. Linguistic Cosmology: The Language of Continuous Creation (Stan Tenen)
Part III – Realizing the Dream: A Comprehensive Dualist / Interactionist Cosmology of Mind
Chapter 12. Consciousness: The Philosophical Foundations of Noetic Field Theory (Richard L. Amoroso)
Chapter 13. Defining a Context for the Cosmology of Awareness   (Richard L. Amoroso)
Chapter 14. The Physical Origin of the Principle of Self-Organization Driving Living Systems (Richard L. Amoroso)
Chapter 15. The Physical Basis of Qualia: Delineating the Substance of Thought   (Richard L. Amoroso)
Chapter 16. Completing Epistemology:
The Utility of Transcendence as a Tool in Scientific Theory Formation
(Richard L. Amoroso)

Nova Publishers

Now available for purchase from
    Series: World Philosophy Series
    Binding: Hardcover
    Pub. Date: July 2010
    Pages: 7 x 10
    ISBN: 978-1-61668-203-3
    Retail Price: $130.50

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