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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

By Research Systems
Sequencing Software for the PC

This product now available via download from the devloper at

Listen to the hidden music of the Bible.

In the beginning it is said, by some, that God sang the universe into existence. Could it be then, that there are, as yet undiscovered, remnants of this wondrous beginning hidden within in His Holy Word? Could it be possible that echo's of the music of creation have been captured in the text of the Scriptures?

The Music from the Torah project is an exploration into uncharted territory. It facilitates generation of a unique and enigmatic form of music, directly from the Hebrew Scriptures. From the beginning you will be able to hear the hidden music of the Bible. As your experience grows you will have the potential of producing beautiful esoteric and unique melodies, never before heard. The best thing is that absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew is required in order to enjoy using this program.

For the music enthusiast, Music from the Torah allows your music to be saved as a Midi file. Such Midi files can then form the basis of your own musical masterpiece.

Music from the Torah incorporates:

  • The Music from the Torah software
  • The Koren versions of the Torah and Tanach (Complete Hebrew bible) with English translation
  • Sample CD digital audio tracks generated from output of the software
Minimum system requirements:
Music from the Torah will run correctly on your PC
if you have at least the following:
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT
100 MHz Pentium with at least 16 Megabytes RAM
Sound card with Midi interface
Hard disk with at least 20 Megabytes available
Minimum screen resolution of 800x600

This product now available via download from the devloper at

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