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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

Science and the Primacy of Consciousness
Intimation of a 21st Century Revolution
A book of readings in Consciousness studies

Edited by Richard L. Amoroso, Rui Antunes, Claudia Coelho,
Miguel Farias, Ana Leite, Pedro Soares

Paperback, 445 pages.  Published by The Noetic Press, Inc. 2000

This book brings together several perspectives that reflect the way consciousness has turned into a primary topic of interest for contemporary science, with potential to condition its process of re-vision and evolution. In its chapters , we find fundamental questions, such as "What are the processes, properties and nature of consciousness', discussed from different and often non-convergent perspectives. An effort was made to integrate an array of positions as broad as possible, giving particular emphasis to authors whose propositions are frequently regarded as polemic by their peers, and may precipitate a change in the current paradigm of consciousness studies, if only moved from outsiders into accepted status by the majority of the scientific community. Indeed, at this point, albeit the impressive evolution it its study, there are more unresolved than definite answers to the questions consciousness can pose at all levels, whether the neurological, psychological or metaphysical.

Includes articles by Karl Pribram, Arne Friemuth Peterson, George A. Christos,
Andrew Lohrey, Georg Franck, Earl R. Mac Cormac, Mihai Draganescu,
Erich Harth, Bill Potter Emmanuel Ransford, Henry Swift, Henry P. Stapp,
Richard L. Amoroso,  Evan Harris Walker, Amit Goswami, Goro Kato,
Daniele C. Struppa, Attila Grandpierre, Menas Kafatos, Stansilov Grof, Edmond Chouinard, Rupert Sheldrake, Benny Shanon Matjaz Gams, Ben Goertzel, Mitja Perus, Francisco Di Biase, Mario Sergio F. Rocha, Jonathan Reams, Deaniel W. Miller, Charles Berner, Catherine Draut, J.A. Waterworth, Fred Alan Wolf, and Stan Tenen.

Science and the Primacy of Consciousness
Price: $34.95 plus shipping
The Alphabet in Genesis Research Sampler in 3 Volumes

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