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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

Stan Tenen: Short Biography Stan Tenen may be contacted at:
Meru Foundation
PO Box 503, Sharon, MA 02067
Voice: 781-784-8902 Fax: 253-663-9273
For complete Curriculum Vitae information in pdf format, click here

Stan Tenen is the Director of Research for the Meru Foundation of Sharon, Mass. With a B.S. in Physics (1963) from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Mr. Tenen has designed and produced optical and electronic equipment for doctors and surgeons, and holds several patents. In 1968, while examining the Hebrew text of Genesis, Mr. Tenen noticed what appeared to be a pattern in the arrangement of the letters. This observation, which prompted thirty years of research into the history and tradition of the text, has led to a meaningful understanding of traditional teachings in a modern context. Mr. Tenen has presented his works to scientific and religious scholars throughout the United States and Israel, and has received praise for his insight, depth of knowledge, and lively presentations.

  • B.S. Physics, 1963, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute (now Polytechnic University of NY)
    Patents for surgical instruments and lighting products
  • Articles in various magazines and books include:
    • Mathematical Philosophy:

           Tattva Viveka

    • The Noetic Journal (peer-reviewed)

    • Essay in Science and the Primacy of Consciousness, a Book
      of Readings in Consciousness Studies

    • Electronics Hobbyist:
           Popular Electronics
           Electronics Illustrated

    • General Publications:
           Focus: KQED-TV Magazine

           Essay in Zen and the Art of Close Encounters

           The Fool: The Unofficial Voice of the Findhorn Spiritual Community
  • Videotape Presentations include:
    • Thinking Allowed with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove
    • Meru Foundation 7-video lecture series (1989-1999)
    • Host, Prisoner Rap Sessions, KQED-TV, 1978-9
  • Radio and television interviews include:

    • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory,  Art Bell, and Rollie James (multiple appearances)
    • Laura Lee show, KVI-Radio
    • Infinities with Charlie Serafin (KCBS, 1980's)
    • Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's Virtual University
Click here for complete Curriculum Vitae

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