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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

Three Orchestral Works
By Daniel S. Gil
Music CD

First Sound™ The Music of Genesis
First Sound: The Music of Genesis

1. The Creation Overture: Genesis 1:1-3, A Musical Commentary — 10:04
The first three verses of Genesis, rendered into symphonic music, and performed by the Slovak Radio Orchestra. 
For more information on The Creation Overture, click here.

2. The Sanctification in Stropkov — 5:48
A Stropkover Niggun (sacred melody), arranged and orchestrated by Gil, commissioned on the occaion of a modern Chassidic wedding, performed by the Legacy of Spirit Chamber Orchestra.

3. Visions of Jerusalem
A collection of three songs inspired by the beauty of Jerusalem, performed by the Slovak Radio Orchestra.

1. Longing to Console — 8:28
2. Nigun — 8:40
3. Beloved of the Soul — 7:10

For a two minute excerpt from "Visions of Jerusalem," click here. (mp3, 1.3 meg)

Daniel S. Gil is an American composer and violinist living in the Boston area. Gil has been composing since he was a very young boy, completing his first work at age eleven. His works have been performed in both Europe and America, and are enjoyed by players and audiences alike. Gil studied under the world's most published composer, Dr. John Bavicchi, and graduated from Berkelee College of Music in 1998. Gil has also studied violin for many years with world-renowned violinist and music educator Sophia Sogland of the Longy School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Daniel Gil's compositions often incorporate the majestic scenes and beautiful melodies of his Chassidic heritage. Gil has also innovated his own technique for a textually based system of composition. His first major cmoposition employing this technique is "The Creation Overture: Genesis 1:1-3, a Musical Commentary", commissioned by Meru Foundation, and included on this CD. Click here to download a one-minute sample from The Creation Overture Daniel Gil recently completed a Concerto for Harp and Orchestra entitled David and Israei, commissioned by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Daniel and his wife Shoshonnah have founded The Legacy of Spirit, a center for the recovery and preservation of ancient Jewish sacred music.


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