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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

A Physicist Probes the Current Controversy
by Randall Ingermanson, Ph.D.
©1999 by Randall Ingermanson, published by Waterbrook Press/Random House. 
180 pages   ISBN 1-57856-225-2 (paper)   $11.95 plus shipping

Please accept our apology - this item is temporarily out of stock.

From Meru Foundation's eTORUS Newsletter #20:

Prof. Ingermanson is a highly qualified physicist and statistician, and also, a caring and sincere Christian. He would very much like to have found that the predictions claimed for the letter-patterns in Torah, made popular by people such as Michael Drosnin, were true. But Ingermanson's findings are exactly the opposite.  Dr. Ingermanson concludes -- as we have -- that the "prophetic Bible Codes" are spurious, and explains why, in this readable book written for the layman.  Ingermanson's conclusions do leave  room for the type of woven patterning that Meru research suggests is present in the Hebrew letter-text -- he did not examine this possibility.

Ingermanson's conclusions about the "prophetic Bible Codes" are credible and convincing, and we recommend "Who Wrote the Bible Code" to anyone who has wondered about this subject.
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