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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

Listeners Respond to Stan Tenen's Interviews To book Mr. Tenen for radio, press,
and TV interviews, contact:
Phone:  1-925-787-2434
on Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, September 2004

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Research director of the Meru Foundation, Stan Tenen, discussed the use of "geometric metaphor" in the Hebrew text of Genesis. He said academic scholars have understood Bible stories only as word-based, poetic metaphors. Tenen, however, believes there is profound geometric metaphor for life found in the letter sequences of Genesis.

According to Tenen, "the Hebrew letters have shapes that are based on a model hand making gestures," allowing one to "see" what Hebrew words mean. He said the geometric form of the letter sequences provides a mathematical and experiential view of the biblical text that would not be readily apparent from a literal interpretation of the narrative. When examined in light of geometric metaphor, Tenen concludes the Hebrew letter-text of Genesis describes "the creation of everything" and "leads to spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth."

During the show, Tenen also presented two audio clips composed by Daniel Gil.   By assigning notes to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Tenen said Gil is able to play the Genesis text musically. According to Tenen, this music provides a direct "feeling entry" into experiencing the deep reality of Genesis.

The following comments are from email, or notes on orders received via our website.

"In closing, having heard him for the first time on Coast to Coast last night, I'd also like to commend Mr. [T]enen for his particular form of open-mindedness; he's found an admirable way to balance firmness in his views with respect for those of others!"  WT

“Dear Mr. Tenen,  Your appearance on the Coast to Coast AM radio program was elucidating, to say the least.”  MV, Nebraska

"Thanks for a great show last night on Coast-to-Coast."  TB, South Dakota

“You were excellent!!  Don't know how you were able to explain so clearly what your work is based on and get thru the nitty gritty of such a difficult subject.”  RO, Florida

"The other night, I listened with great interest to Stan on Coast to Coast AM. Amazing content!!"  JT, South Dakota

"I heard Stan Tenen on Coast to Coast AM radio the other night on my way to work and was fascinated by what he was saying."  Alaska

"Heard the interview on Coast to Coast AM. Great music sample!!!!!"  TW, Arkansas

"Thank-you. I believe this is medicine for the soul."   RD, California

The following are comments from callers to Meru Foundation (most calls resulted in orders). 
The “music” many refer to is the one-minute clip of Daniel S. Gil’s Creation Overture, based on the letter-text of Genesis.

"I’m interested in your approach, and in how Mr. Tenen thinks. . . this is a breath of fresh air."   CW, Pennsylvania

"I felt the energy of the music going to my crown chakra. . ."  PB, California

"I've been seeking for 70 years. . . after listening to this program, I couldn't sleep."  SP,  Massachusetts

"I woke up when they played the music [1-minute of the Creation Overture by Daniel S. Gil] -- I felt ecstatic."  GM, California [Note: at least 6 people remarked that the music woke them up from a sound sleep, feeling elevated and joyful.]

"[Stan Tenen] was wonderful -- some of the things he said really grabbed me.  And the music was quite divine."  LL, Oregon

"[I am interested in] hidden knowledge, and this seems to be the most in-depth and rigorous presentation."  JG, North Carolina

"Send mine first!" (with a smile) -- from AR in New Jersey, a phone customer, when told that it might take a few weeks for his order to arrive because we had so many to fill.

"I was enthralled with your program."  AL, Massachusetts

"This is the most sensible thing I've heard in my life."  VD, New York

"This material is very exciting to me!" BK, Georgia

"The music woke me up -- it brought tears to my eyes."  DK, Maine

"I like your scientific approach."  JP, Massachusetts

"This information floored me."  CC, Washington

 “I felt the music align my soul.”  WL, Illinois

"I was stunned by this program.  I'm very intrigued."  IR, Massachusetts

"This information has a benefit going well beyond money."  JS, Alberta, Canada

"[Mr. Tenen] is so intelligent!"  JB, California

"I'm interested in Hebrew, Kabbalah, and the Sefer Yetzirah, and I've always liked your work."  JD, British Columbia, Canada

"I loved the show and its depth.  This was an eye-opener."  MP, Ontario, Canada

"I appreciated how honest and to-the-point Mr. Tenen was."  BD, California

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