Meru Made Easy
Volume 1

This presentation is arranged in the sequence in which
Stan Tenen presents his discoveries on the videotape,
"Geometric Metaphors of Life"
For an in-depth discussion of this subject, as well as backup and reference
material this tape should be viewed.  It is available for sale on this website.

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We begin our presentation by showing:
- The 27-letter Hebrew alphabet
- The base-3 numerical system used to decode the text of Genesis
- The first verse of the Hebrew text of Genesis
 - The process of unfurlment

    Below are the 27 letters of the modern Hebrew alphabet.
   The numbers represent the order of the letters.

   The chart below shows the base-3 counting system as it is applied to the Hebrew
   alphabet.  Since we are looking at a geometric numerical system, zeros are used as
   units.  Note that all rows and columns add up to numbers divisible by 3.

000     001     002

010    011      012

020     021     022

100     101     102

110     111     112

120     121     122

200     201     202

210     211     212

220     221     222 

Next we apply these numbers to the 27 letter Hebrew alphabet as shown below

The 3 x 3 x 3 nature of the alphabet allows us to place
the letters on an x, y, z Cartesian coordinate system.


A Rubiks type cube can be used to plot the letters on the X, Y, Z coordinates.
The first letter, Aleph a 000, is placed on the axis and the letters follow in order.

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Here is the cube split apart.  We can now see the
hidden center letter, Nun  n 111.

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Having applied base-3 to the Hebrew alphabet we now turn our attention to
the first verse of Genesis.

This is the first verse of Genesis, with vowel markings, as it would be written
in a Hebrew bible:

This is the first verse of Genesis as it would be written in a Torah scroll with no vowel markings:

Here is the first verse in modern Hebrew as a string of letters with no word divisions:

Now here are the letters of the first verse with their base-3 equivalents
(from the alphabet chart above)


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