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DVD-Squaring the Circle - DVD-CD DVD-Squaring the Circle
The One and the Many, Mind and World 10th Anniversary Lecture by Stan Tenen, San Francisco, 1999

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DVD-DVD-First Light - Double - DVD-CD DVD-DVD-First Light - Double
An Overview of Meru Research. Two copies -- one for you, one for a friend! This price INCLUDES postage (USA only)

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DVD with all three half-hour interviews of Stan Tenen by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove on his series THINKING ALLOWED, which is syndicated on many PBS stations.

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THE WORKS 7-Video Plus All Bonuses - DVD-CD THE WORKS 7-Video Plus All Bonuses
Includes Seven DVD's: Geometric Metaphors of Life, Coat of Many Colors, Matrix of Meaning for Sacred Alphabets, Dance of the Hebrew Letters, Alphabet in our Hands, Alphabet in our Hands - Part Two, Squaring the Circle, PLUS our half-hour video sampler First Light, AND Two Music CD's: "FIRST SOUND(tm): The Music of Genesis," and "Three Orchestral Works by Daniel Gil"

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The Music of Genesis - DVD-CD The Music of Genesis
Music CD: The Hebrew letter-text of Genesis, transformed into musical notes. For more information, click here.

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Three Orchestral Works by D.S. Gil - DVD-CD Three Orchestral Works by D.S. Gil
Extraordinary symphonic works based on traditional Jewish melodies, by the composer of "The Creation Overture," Daniel Gil

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Found 17 items, showing 7 to 12.    Previous 6 Matches   Last 5 Matches