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In 1968 Stan Tenen discovered a pattern in the arrangement of letters in the first verse of the Hebrew text of Genesis.  He has spent the next 45 years investigating the meaning of that pattern and what it implies. This incredible journey of scientific, religious and mathematical discovery was first released to the public in San Francisco in 1989. This groundbreaking lecture is available on our best selling DVD, Geometric Metaphors of Life. The development of Meru Foundation  research through the following decades is presented in our DVD lecture series and printed materials
- all available on this website.

Light in the Meeting Tent 
©1986, 2008 SNT / Meru Foundation



We regret the passing of Stan Tenen in early 2022.
Those of us who worked with Stan over the years are dedicated
to disseminating his work and building on his research.
We welcome advocates and contributions to this cause.

   Bill Haber
   Executive Director
   Meru Foundation



Using the objective tools of science, the Meru Project has discovered that the sequence of letters in the Hebrew text of Genesis reveals a simple yet extraordinary and unexpected series of geometric models whose meaning describes processes inherent in fields as diverse as embryology, modern physics, and consciousness studies.

Meru Foundation findings demonstrate that the Hebrew letter text of Genesis preserves models and provides tools intended for our spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth. When studied, they lead to a deep understanding of the framework of our own existence and ways to access our potential to improve ourselves and the world around us.

Meru research also demonstrates that the Hebrew alphabet, in its early rabbinic form, is at its core a universal language of gestures. People from all cultures, even those who are blind from birth, and children before they speak, make spontaneous use of this natural language. The gestures of the Hebrew alphabet express universal needs and choices.

 Meru Foundation Featured Publication:
  The Alphabet That Changed The

The Alphabet That Changed the World:
How Genesis Preserves a Science of Consciousness in Geometry and Gesture

by Stan Tenen / edited by Charles Stein

Click Here to Order

A science-based study of the Hebrew letters of Genesis that unites the highest spiritual principles with a rational understanding of creation.

In The Alphabet That Changed the World, Tenen examines the Hebrew text of Genesis and its relationship to the alphabet. He shows how each letter is both concept and gesture, with the form of the gesture matching the function of the concept. There is thus an implicit relationship between the physical world of function and the conscious world of concept. Using over 200 color illustrations, Tenen demonstrates geometric metaphor as the best framework for understanding the deepest meaning of the text.  For more information click here.


For more information contact:

Meru Foundation
524 San Anselmo Ave. #214
San Anselmo, CA 94960
or email to
phone: 415-223-1174

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